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Welcome to the MoveOnDC site at WordPress: fresh and local

by on 07/03/2012

Fresh, Local

Going live July 3, 2012 on eve of the Celebration of Liberty, July 4th. This is the committee for MoveON in that oddity of power and perplexity known as the  District of Columbia. We welcome [NOT] a whole new class of über citizens this glorious holiday—the corporations who now have an unlimited  voice in the cash-driven auction called national politics today. Did someone take a pledge of some sort? Who says America is not a land of opportunity?

On the other hand, we see many opportunities to join regular old citizens to maybe work for change around this, and we’re the locals.

You can help right now by subscribing to this blog, following us on Twitter (@MoveOnDC) at the bottom of our Twitter feed over there on the right (sorry about that : ) and “liking” our FaceBook page MoveOnDc .

This is fresh and rolling out as we speak and we’ll be building a “MoveOnMent” over the days and months while national politics lumbers on towards November.

As we go push the “publish” button, power problems and temperatures are almost at the rhetorical highs (or lows?) of the partisan “derecho” storm centered around Congress and the Supreme Court. Derecho, a Spanish term used to describe a storm system with incredibly high pressure differentials leading to dangerous blasts of hot air, is translated as “right”.

Okay, we’ll leave it at that.



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