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Move Around DC resources, cool/hot spots, maps, Metro

by on 07/08/2012

Moving[On] around in DC. Smell the Intel. hear history at a small forum as it is written. Find free wifi.

  1. METRO trip planner train/bus

    Click here for METRO trip planner train/bus. Enter your location and destination address and itineraries will pop out for you. Check for next bus.

    Full Metro Map here

  2. The Map (Google) Find It
  3. Washington Post Weather (map, rain, alerts, temps, radar)

    Wa Post weather site/maps

    Wa Post weather site/maps

  4. DC Linktank and Weekbook the wonk’s wonk site to think tank and open forum heaven. Complete weekly listings and registration contacts for policy and research institutes throughout DC. Uniquely DC, this does not exist anywhere else on the planet. Most listed events are open, you don’t need to be local. You can register and stay updated also follow them on Twitter, etc.



  5. Where am I? How can I get online around here? the DC Government has your back AND your bandwidth at their govern-sponsored wifi hotspot map– interactive – very cool. Civilian wifi hotspots included every Starbucks, MacDonald’s, AT&T office, Barnes and Noble, Busboys and Poets and many more. Search for any of these on the Google mapabove or on your smartphone.

    DC_GOV_GIS_Free_Wifi_Spots (interactive map)

    DC_GOV_GIS_Free_Wifi_Spots (interactive map)

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