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Romney DC Area Headquarters protest Friday HOT rtsvp “let’s see those 1%er taxes” Tax Hack

by on 07/11/2012
Romney's proud MoveOn hecklers - Hamptons, NY

Romney’s proud MoveOn hecklers – Hamptons, NY

This just in on national level…

updates backfilling as we speak:


As some of you might have already heard, we’re organizing rapid response events at Romney headquarters across the country on Friday to demand that he release all of his tax returnsThis is a strategic moment in our work to highlight Romney as the President of the 1% — and the media moment on this is hot. So we are going with events directly at Romney headquarters across the country.

It’s a win-win campaign: Either Romney releases his returns and we’ll see even more how much he would be president of the 1%. Or he doesn’t — and keeps dragging out the story and continues to prove to voters that he’s a candidate who can’t be trusted.

Because we’re moving so quickly, we don’t have time to do a big scaled host recruit so we’re taking a multi-layer approach to the events. We’re also going to do all the events Friday at NOON local time to make this as easy as possible. We’re in the middle of making the “bob” for these events (the online event system) and we’re going to upload all the Romney offices directly there — so no one will need to do that individually. There will be email with more details once that is all set up.

Attached is a spreadsheet with the most up-to-date Romney offices. And huge thanks to our Support Corps team and Jadzia who compiled this list very quickly in the last several days.

We are sending the attendee recruit tomorrow.
There will be three types of events:
  • 4-5 flagship events in top media markets / swing states. we’re in the process of figuring out where those will be. and we’ll get our comms folks to help with pitching the media for these events. we’ll want to make sure we have a few strong local organizers who can organize a good event.
  • Council-led actions — where we have Councils near Romney HQs and Councils have capacity to organize an event. We know these events will be strong b/c we’ll have strong organizers on the ground to organize them.
  • Deliveries: For everywhere else, we’ll ask local MoveOn members to show up at the HQ at noon local time. We’ll do an attendee email asking people to call the local press and make sure the Romney office knows they are there. This will help build the story nationally and it will definitely get the attention of the Romney campaign! We’re still deciding the simple thing is we’ll ask people to deliver. If you have ideas, let me know!

We’re also trying to figure out Romney will be on Friday. We have folks trying to figure it out — but he’s been hard to track down. If you have any intel, let me know!.

There’s obviously a lot flying quickly (it’s rapid response!) so don’t hesitate to email me or your FO directly if you have any questions. I’ll send updates as we have ’em!

P.S. Here are some recent articles about all this. great fodder!

biden going after romney:,0,2010018.story


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