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#ReleaseTheReturns #SEC #Tax #MITTigation the extra-moral campaign is served a letter

by on 07/13/2012

Some stills of our Northern Virginia/Arlington action at Romney headquarters at 8311 Fairfax Dr. #750 today. Our crew is totally read-ay to party and travel with Mitt’s offshore millions to Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahamas maybe catch some rock climbing in Switzerland. (apologies to the Beach Boys)

We’re working on a bit of a video – where of course the receptionist scramble back inside works as a metaphor for the hackneyed “perp walk” of Washington DC shame after we presented signed demands that his [Romney’s] tax returns need to be out there.

And breaking on top of THAT planned event, the news that a felony violation of campaign law may have occurred when Romney averred he was out of Bain management in 1999. He was not.

At noon today, at 120 locations around the country in high-priced digs in office complexes above it all around the country, MoveOn.Org local activists asked to see Mitt Romney’s murky tax returns. Integrity and credibility demand it and the emerging SEC filing scandal makes it more relevant than it was like, 4 minutes ago even.

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