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#Romney’s tax #MITTigation schemes are crippling Republican chances at anything

by on 07/18/2012

Romney told the National Review that the Cayman Islands company was set up to allow foreign corporations to invest in the United States without paying U.S. taxes.

From Huffington Post:  Mitt Romney Never Thought He’d Have To Release Tax Returns: Bain Sources.

Romney’s campaign is failing and according to Huffington’s report, he would not have run if he had known it was expected (and fair) that he reveal tax returns for perhaps 10 years, or 12 years, as his father did.

What he’s hiding, criminal or merely inappropriate for a position of public trust, is something that will come out. Or he will drop out of the race.

Bain_SEC_Filing_Generic searching screen shot

Bain_SEC_Filing_Generic searching screen shot (from SEC Edger file finder site

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