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Disfigured China train crash victim denied kindergarten – Republican health care model?

by on 07/23/2012
Xiang Weiyi - image from

Xiang Weiyi – image from

From China, a disturbing perspective on the Republican jihad on Obamacare:  Xiang Weiyi, who survived the 2011 high-spead train catastrophe that killed her parents, has been denied entry by more than one kindergarten.
They seem to be concerned about liability in the case that she fell and was injured further. Who will pay?

House Republican Press Conference on Health Ca...

House Republican Press Conference on Health Care Reform House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) (Photo credit: House GOP Leader)

Is this a model Romney and Republicans seek? To just cut, to not apply themselves and reform the broken health system? Destroying lives instead of facing a problem and fixing it like grown-ups?

So who wins in this situation? Accountants? Lazy or partisan politicians who don’t care about citizens when a great rhetorical fight presents itself? After all, politicians and elites avoid the cost issues faced by the working-class and poor who pay for the health care plans enjoyed by politicians, Washingtonians or Chinese. So they carry on like they have all the time in the world.

Sound familiar? In the US, spending on dysfunctional health care cannot go on as it is. Costs have to be “brought under control”. Or drastically cut. Rational reform that affirms the rights of working-class citizens is just not acceptable for the party of NO. So for working-class Americans, it’s pay lots more or give up on health. The elites will. Not. Suffer. Trust me.

China does have a universal health system with premium costs as low as $2 a year. This pays  about 70% of local clinic patient costs but when a severe injury requires major medical intervention at a large hospital, that falls to around 30%. Some reform is under way. Progress? Who knows? but there is a recognition that every citizen has a right to some level of coverage.

For the poor in China, costs for even existing care are too steep yet reform is in progress to lower costs or even to improve care. But at least there is no debate on the right to care,  just on what reform can improve affordability and care levels. That is a “sweet spot” that American health care needs to get to. Now.

While the elite and party members can access modern health care, nationally,  it is a priority that  reform is absolutely necessary to insure delivery of affordable basic health care to every Chinese citizen.

Besides the cost bomb and its effects on the poor, China’s population is afflicted with HIV, chronic tobacco use, food issues like contamination and avian flue, and environmental issues such as air pollution and water contamination. Can anyone argue wiping these plagues out would be bad for China’s economic growth and global competitiveness? Would not a better health care system deliver these benefits?

If Mitt Romney and the Republicans gain control in November and rescind Obamacare (ACA), any progress on insuring all Americans against run-away costs and many of the same issues (and delivering similar benefits) as China seems to be dealing with as grown-ups will be thrown away and the US health “system” that spends more per capita than any other major nation on the planet will go further down the black hole we find ourselves in today.

Do we really need to look to China for a health system model?


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