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#Romney’s utter denial of respect for American voter a fatal weakness #ReleaseTheReturns

by on 07/31/2012

Bain_SEC_Filing_Generic searching screen shot, tax evasion, Romney, SEC, Romney Swiss Bank Accounts

Romney’s oafish attempts at MITTigating his contempt for working-class voters is something we focus on. And it’s not just us. Charlie Cook of the National Journal weighs in today. Romney’s elitism has resulted in a gusher of foot-in-mouth rhetorical bloopers that will not go away.

Roney Tax, Romney Swiss banks, Romney SEC, Romney Fatal Auto Wreck, France, Taxes, Tax Evasion, Offshore

“Tomorrow’s a whole new screen…” Writt Romney – MoveOnDC political art

His nonsensical etch-a-sketching of his governorship of Massachusetts, the SEC falsehoods that will be coming back to hit him again soon, the utter disdain for the public flaunted by Mrs. Romney (horse dressage impresario), and the slimy tax evasion tactics he espouses with its resulting “Romney Special” 13.9% tax rate, lower than a $40,000 a year construction guy pays.

And the construction guy probably won’t be in a position to deny women their rights anytime soon, slash veteran care, or to fudge on his Bain Capital involvement, or even stash millions away in Switzerland to evade taxes.

In Poland, Romney’s press aide Rick Gorka told the inconvenient press to:

“Kiss my ass, this is a holy site for the Polish people

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Please comment and tell us what other points the Romneys have made that don’t really impress you, and we’ll see of they make it on the writey-toy’s screen!

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